Porsche Case Study

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| BMW Strategic Analysis | | | | Management 452.301 | Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction of Company and Current Situation 3 External Environment Analysis 4 General Environment 4 Industry Environment 6 Competitor Environment 7 Conclusion of External Environment Analysis 8 Internal Analysis 10 VRIN Analysis 10 Financial Analysis 12 Conclusion of Internal Analysis 15 Strategy 16 Identification of Key Problems 20 Recommendations and Implementations 21 References 24 | Executive Summary BMW is known for its manufacturing of premium-brand cars and off-road vehicles under the BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce labels, as well as motorcycles under the BMW and Husqvarna brands.…show more content…
BMW has implemented a diversification strategy. Originally, BMW started as an aviation production company. BMW decided to continue production, but only in the motor vehicle industry. Internationally, BMW incorporates a transnational strategy. In addition to the environment, BMW takes pride in their products, customers, and employees. BMW has clearly become a high quality car manufacturer that has established its brand in the vehicle market (Driving Performance). Introduction of Company and Current Situation Bayerische Motoren Werke, more commonly known as BMW, is ranked among the top 10 automakers in the world. Their influence is large, sending its products and vehicles all over the globe. BMW’s financial services segment offers car leasing and credit financing for retail and corporate fleet customers, dealer financing, insurance, and deposit banking. BMW currently has 23 production and assembly plants in 13 different countries, with 12 separate research and development plants in 5 different countries (LexisNexis). Early in 2013, BMW announced their formation of a strategic alliance with Toyota. The alliance is aimed at developing hydrogen-based fuel cell technology, as well as beginning work to build a new sports vehicle that will run on the clean, high-mileage gas

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