Porsche: Company's Case Analysis

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Company Case Porsche 1) The buyer decision process of traditional Porsche customers relies on the motivations that determine these people to select this brand. Their purchasing decision process is based on the exclusivity of the brand that is connected with the car owner. In their opinion, by purchasing a Porsche, traditional customers purchase the exclusivity and luxury associated with the brand. These customers want to purchase a car that reflects their social status and their financial power. In addition to this, they are not interested in the utility of the car, but in the characteristics that differentiate it from utility cars. These traditional buyers are rather interested in their feeling while driving a Porsche in comparison with the size, price, or fuel economy of the car. 2) There are significant differences between the traditional Porsche customer and Cayenne and Panamera customers. The traditional Porsche customer is interested in exclusivity, in having a niche car, different than others. The Cayenne and Panamera customers are also interested in the utility of the car. In other words, they are interested in the storage capacity of the car and in the power of its engine. There are also financial differences between these types of customers. The traditional Porsche buyers have greater financial power in comparison with other buyers. This means that the Cayenne and Panamera customers' purchasing decision process is also based on the price of the car. Therefore,

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