Porsche : The Invention Of The Volkswagen Beetle Essay

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Porsche was co-founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, with his son and son-in-law, Anton Piëch, father of VW Chairman Ferdinand Piëch. The founder of the company is Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. He was born in Bohemia and went to school to be an engineer. By the 1930 Dr. Ferdinand Porsche had created his own engineering and design firm in the name DR. ING... Porsche KG. Porsche was also an Engineering Office. Porsche was a firm that later sold design and engineering services to other carmakers. In the early 1930’s, Adolf Hitler appointed Porsche to make a “people’s car” what is called today the “Volkswagen.” This was the first basic design of Beetle. This was part of the first line of Porsches cars. The foreshadowing to the Volkswagen Beetle, which became the first plant dedicated to the manufacturing of the Volkswagen. It wasn’t until 1948, some years after the end of World War II, Porsche produced its first branded sports car. Within two years, the Porsche 356 series was produced. In 2007, Porsche was the world’s most moneymaking automaker on a unit feat that was especially remarkable seeing it produced over 100,000 automobiles every year. . This car became so popular that it was called the most famous car ever made in automobiles. This helped the automobile industry develop better products for greater performances. The making of Porsche has had more successes than any automobile manufacturer in many classics like the 24-hour Leman’s and 24 hour Daytona Races. Porsche wanted

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