Port Everglades Case Analysis

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Imagine being hired as a consultant for the Port Everglades by the management. As a consultant, you were hired to look at situations that are happening at the port over the past and current year. After analyzing the port, you have to recommend changes that can improve the Port. Which in the future can result in the Port being one of the top harbors in Florida that attracts a lot of different businesses and gain money for the community. To start your new job as a consultant, you have to look at the Harbor's history and current situation, market forecast, do a SWOT analysis, Horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and news that has come up in the media about the Port. Also at the end of the job the advisor would have to give the company their…show more content…
For the reason that in the article called “port everglades deepening and widening project approved” the project on the Port would increase the amount of construction jobs able to about 4,700 for individuals in the area that works in that field and are having difficulties finding a job. Also, after working to improve the Port the Harbor will be able to get more cargo from Panama because the ships that are now dropping off the cargos for Panama would be able to pass through Port Everglade and dock to deliver their shipment without the ships getting damage. Which will cause the amount of cargo the company would normally get a month to go up as a result the company will be getting shipments that would have had to go to the Miami Port because their channel for the ships to pass through was too small for the Panama vessels to dock. With the ability of more ships being able to pass through the Port entire it would increase the amount of jobs, there would be locally for the individuals who collect the goods from the ship. Also the cruise line at the Port would be able to get bigger ships that would be able to hold more travels because the ships would not get damaged while going through the entries of the Seaport. The new project would also will help Port…show more content…
For example, to find out how much the company Operating revenue has increase since 2013 the consultant would have to take the amount of Revenue the company made in 2015 which was $153,324,384 and divide by the amount the company had in 2013 $ 142,931,312. After doing the calculation the consultant would have got a ratio of 104.4% of the increase in 2015 since 2013. After that to find the percent of increase in 2014 which was $153,193,953 then the individual would divide by the base amount from 2013 $146,824,45 and there would have been a 104.3% increase. The consultant should include this ratio in their analyzation because it will show how much the Port makes a year, even though they are under contraction trying to expand their Port. This information would see if the Port is losing business because of the projects that they are doing on their Port or not. Also, while doing the Horizontal analyses the advisor should include the Ratio of increase or decrease in the firm Expenses over the years since the company has to spend money to complete their Projects. To be able to receive this ratio the individual would take the amount of expenses from both 2015 and 2015 and divide the amount spend in in the year 2013 from these numbers to get the ratio of increase. For

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