Port Facility: Discussion Questions

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Port facility: Discussion questions Q1. How does port facility technology interface with homeland security? Enhanced technology has vastly improved the security of port facilities by allowing for more secure monitoring of persons and goods that enter and exit the port. For example, at one Florida port, "the optical character recognition devices designed into the main cargo gate processing center are used to acquire the container, chassis, and truck license plate numbers of cargo-carrying vehicles as they pass through the array. The information is relayed to a remote command and control center staffed by port facility security staff for use in generating a gate pass" (247). A nation's ports are a critical component of ensuring the security of all of the nation's borders. Ports are also well-poised to acquire information and intelligence about potential threats. Technology allows for 24/7 monitoring, even when the ports are closed and increases the ability of security personnel to be watchful over all comings and goings. Q2. What is continuity of operations planning? Continuity of operations planning ensures that a response to a disaster is well-coordinated between the different agencies responsible for public safety. In the case of major disasters, in most instances it is required to use the resources of a wide variety of agencies. Agencies must know how to work together and share information. Before a disaster occurs, it is also useful for agencies to pool information
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