Port Mafia Research Paper

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To all those unfortunate enough to be privy to the name of the Port Mafia, life could not be carried out with the same light-hearted negligence that the rest of the populous was fortunate enough to live in. The name alone was enough to make the blood of a weaker willed individual run cold, as it deeply rooted in the history of some of the most heinous occurrences in memory. As they were as feared as they were clandestine, it was only natural that the name of the Port Mafia had been twisted to that of grandiose tales. It was believed by the general public that the Port Mafia had been comprised of God-like individuals, with powers that could devastate all of humanity. An image had been solidified of the mafia and its members. They were humans…show more content…
It would be ignorant to conclude that Dazai didn’t belong within the organization, nor would it be correct to say that he was incapable. Yet, his surface level temperament didn’t prove to do him any favors, as there was a perceived incongruence between the typical image of a Port Mafia member and himself. He was careless, casual, and arrogant, which had often lead to many problems. Everything seemed to be treated as if it was some sort of game for him, despite both the position he held as an executive member and the actual severity of the situations. It would be an understatement to simply say that he was disconcerting to many other members, and many would treat him with disgust. They would meet the man who was credited with massacres, the man who was considered a ruthless interrogator and scoff, believing that such a man could never be capable of such things. Yet, Dazai could never bring himself to particularly care what sort of reputation he was assigned. Appearances meant very little to him, and he of course, had far large aspirations to preoccupy himself…show more content…
As both their positions within the mafia made the late acquisition of a partner a difficult change, they decided against a hasty arrangement. But, although the assignment was quite unexpected, Dazai couldn’t say that he had any particular qualms against it. After all, if the Port Mafia had made this decision in preparation for extreme measures in the future, he could handle a few impediments. Back leaning against the wall of a large open room, a room that had once been used as a training facility, Dazai began to hum to himself. He was to meet his new partner here, and even if he didn’t particularly mind the prospect itself, he could say with certainty that both the waiting and the formalities were a completely different matter. His thoughts were promptly interrupted by the rhythmic clicking of approaching footsteps. A cordial smile appeared on the face of the brown haired man, so unbecoming on a member of the mafia. But, Dazai had all but turned being an enigma into an art
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