Port Of Soc A Community Based Action Approach

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Port of Soca: A community based action approach In tackling the parameters and journey of this project “Port of Soca” I must account for the process that brought me into the project. Previously, I worked on a project with Anthropologist Lorenzo Hamilton. We worked on a program in the Greensboro area of Guilford county in order to receive funding for an after school program to aid high school age refugee and immigrant children in their transition to adulthood by providing resources that prepared them for college and job placement. Hamilton’s architectural background from his time in Brazil, helped me significantly in creating a safe space to enact my program. His specialty was grounded in creating architectural buildings that were symbolic…show more content…
That is where I instructed that he should build his site. On a typical day of running the program in November of 2014, I received a call and informed my secretary to have the caller call me again during my break time so that I could attend to some important matters at the establishment in Charleston, South Carolina. At the top of the hour on my break,, I was called again and received the call directly to my office phone. The caller was my former Co worker, Anthropologist Lorenzo Hamilton. Usually, his calls entail common chit chat and friendly banter over current debates in the anthropological world. On this occasion, however, he needed my assistance on his own present project. He needed me to help him on the new project in Laventille, Trinidad. He implored me to do some research on the perils plaguing the city to understand its current conditions and devise a plan of action to improve said conditions. His concern as he stated lie in the absence of strong educational foundations beyond school grounds and the presence of extreme criminal activity that has rendered the slum as a breeding ground for future criminals. Research At this point, I began extensive research on the conditions of Laventille through governmental sites and scholarly articles. Laventille used to be a thriving mercantile sector where skilled and unskilled
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