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Heightening port security with technological advancements in Africa


Totem International Ltd


Heightening port security with technological advancements in Africa By

Firoze Zia Hussain CEO & Director Totem International Ltd, India An electronics and communication engineer who is a forward thinking and energetic professional recognized for high-profile turnaround achievements. Was highly decorated law enforcement professional with more than 10 years experience in security function. Successful and consistent record of investigations, and crime prevention. Participant of the US State Department Young Leaders Exchange Program. Successfully executed project work and technology transfer/ collaboration at India 's largest
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 contacting the right Authority - i.e. the police usually, or the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) in the case of a fire - if there is an activation.  highest standards of operation.

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Passive systems
 Detects

a potential security breach  logs the information  signals an alert on the console and or owner.


Totem International Ltd


Reactive Systems
  

 

known as an intrusion prevention system (IPS). auto-responds to the suspicious activity by resetting the connection. reprogramming the firewall to block network traffic from the suspected malicious source. IDPS is commonly used automatically at the command of an operator; systems that both "detect" (alert) and/or "prevent."
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Detection/alarm  Deter


theft as well as vandalism. protection of your assets and resources. costs associated with . their risks associated with theft.

 24-hour  Lower

 Decreasing

* insurance premiums.

repair or replacement of property or
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