Port Security Planning

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Port Security Planning

What are the components that contribute to port security planning, why are they important, and what aspects of security planning are considered in port facility operations?
Surveillance cameras: These are special video cameras fitted at designated points of the port. They capture at least most of the actions carried out within the premises of the port. These cameras are normally positioned in areas that are out of bounds or inaccessible to individuals. Such a component is important in a port as it monitors and records movements of goods and people in and out of the port. In the event of illegal actions, those individuals captured by the camera are easily brought to book. In addition, the presence of these cameras serves as a deterrent to people who may be planning to carry out illegal activities at the port.
Space for expansion: this factor component falls under the designing and architectural stages. It is important to understand that maritime is one of the most dynamic sectors of transport. The last two decades have seen unprecedented growth in maritime activities with large cargo and cruise ships being developed. This implies that the amount of goods or the number of passengers that a port handles have been on a gradual rise over these years. Consequently, the architectural designs are tailored to meet such requirements. New and redesigned facilities will require effective security provisions such as secure buffer zones, closed-circuit
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