Portable Digitial Devices for Adolescents Essay

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As technology rapidly increases, simply viewing the effects of television programming on adolescent children does not truly advise parents and educationalists about the effects of portable digital devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and MP3 players. The rise of these digital platforms is ambiguous and new investigations are needed in regards to a child’s ability and use for these technologies. One may infer that several complications may arise from children being educated in an environment saturated in digital media content. Consumerism and the effects of interactive and stealth advertising on young children, delivered through transmedia and branded characters, strongly influences a child’s eating habits and promotes unhealthy…show more content…
Even children who have developed an understanding of persuasive intent are being deceived by the newly incorporated stealth marketing techniques (Calvert 205). A majority of advertising directed at children incorporates television commercials that highlight toys and food products. Most of the featured food products have little to no nutritional value and contain high fat and sugar contents. With the rise in the Internet, marketers have the ability to immerse children in advertisements, subliminally forcing them to buy their products. These advertisements typically market unhealthy eating habits towards children: sweetened cereals, candy, and fast food restaurants. The saying “watch what you eat” has transformed into the new motto: “we eat what we watch” (Crowley 2008). A child does not get obese simply because they are spending countless hours sitting on the couch watching television. It is the constant viewing of advertising and the unhealthy snacks a child unconsciously consumes while viewing their favorite programs (Crowley 2008). According to Dr. Barbara Dennison, director of the Bureau of Health Risks Reduction at the New York State Department of Health, "In part, the advertising is so effective that you find the more people watch TV,
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