Portable MRIs Provider Based Delivery Essay

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A provider-based-delivery using portable MRIs can be an invaluable tool towards the diagnosis and management of patients and should be readily available as an important diagnostic modality. Experts say 15 percent of this country’s health-care dollar is spent on diagnostic imaging (B. Moe, 2004). Doctors can get highly refined images of the body’s interior without surgery using MRI. By using strong magnets and pulses of radio waves to manipulate the natural magnetic properties in the body, this technique makes better images of organs and soft tissues than those of other brain scanning technologies. MRI is particularly useful for imaging the brain and spine, as well as the soft tissues of joints and the interior structure of bones, as…show more content…
Radio waves can affect objects differently. MRI technology uses radio frequency pulses to direct the spinning orbits of hydrogen ions. Changing these orbits gives off energy, another radio frequency pulse, which can be measured and converted into pictures. The returning radio waves come directly from the tissue. The best part about MRI technology is that radio waves are not ionizing radiation, and therefore they are safe. MRI creates precise images of the body based on the varying proportions of magnetic elements in different tissues. Very minor fluctuations in chemical composition can be determined. MRI images have greater natural contrast than standard x rays, computed tomography scan (CT scan), or ultrasound, all which depend on the differing physical properties of tissues. This sensitivity allows MRI to distinguish fine variations in tissues deep within the body. MRI is also particularly useful for spotting and distinguishing diseased tissues (tumors and other lesions) early in their development. MRI does not depend on potentially harmful ionizing radiation, as do standard x ray and computer tomography scans. There are no known risks specific to the procedure, other than for people who might have metal objects in their body. Doctors may prescribe an MRI scan of different areas of the body. Brain and head: MRI technology was developed because of the need for brain imaging. It is one of the
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