Porter Five Force Analysis of Indian Food Processing Industry

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Porter’s five force analysis of food processing industry | MARKETING STRATEGY | HITESH VAVAIYA | Table of Contents Acknowledgement 3 Introduction of Report 3 Research Objective 4 Introduction of Food Processing Industry 4 The History of Food Processing Industry 4 Supply chain of food processing industry and factor affecting each activity 5 Agriculture 5 Food processing 5 Indian Food Processing Industry 7 History of food processing Industry in India 7 Current Market Overview 9 Indian Food Processing Industry Performance 11 Food Processing Sector overview 11 Major Players of Food Processing Industry 14 Indian Food Processing Companies Profiles 14 Major Indian player in Food processing Industry Overview 15 I.T.C LTD 15…show more content…
The origins of beer also go back to Babylon and Egypt in the period from 3,000 to 5,000 BC. The foundation of the modern industry was built up with the introduction of machinery and technology of new methods from Germany. Nowadays, the processed foods that are thriving in grocery shops are modern processed foods and traditional foods, but their manufacturing technology, process control and manufacturing and packaging environmental facilities have been advanced and rationalized to an incomparable extent in the last 30 years. As a result, products with high quality and uniformity are now being manufactured. This is based on the advancement of food science, and is, moreover, due to the general introduction of hygienics, applied microbiology, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering and high-polymer technology. The most remarkable developments until now have been convenient pre-cooked frozen foods, retort pouch foods and dried foods. The mass production of excellent quality processed foods without using unnecessary food additives has been made possible in the last 30 years by grading and inspecting the process materials, carrying out proper inspections of processed foods, and advances in processing technology, installation and packaging technology and materials.
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