Porter 's Five Forces Model Essay

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Porter 's Five Forces model (PFF) is a powerful instrument that can be utilized by companies to investigate its situation and identify its industry 's competitors. Analyzing industry will help any business in determining the competitive strength and weaknesses. By using PFF model, investors can gain valuable information regarding what the actual factors that affect the organization 's profitability (Evans & Neu 2008). This paper will analyze the Cola Wars case study based on the PFF model, and the primary components of soft drink industry. At the end of this paper, some recommendations will be given to Coca-Cola company to enhance its position in the market. Soda Industry 's Brief Based on Robinson (2016), in the 18th century (1767), the Englishman Doctor Joseph Priestley found out oxygen and then developed the carbonated drinks, which is known today as soft drinks. In the late of 1800, Coca-Cola brought its product to the US market before delivering it to the UK. Soda drinks industry is a profitable market regarding the successful strategies and the cost of goods. Recent statistics research found that more than ( 1.9 ) billion liters of soda drinks are sold in the UK on trading every single year. The category raised by (4.3) percent last year, while sales in the best segment improved by ( 75 ) percent. According to Yoffie and Wang (2006), although there were numerous substitutes to soda soft drinks such as coffee, tea, milk, bottled water, and powdered beverages, Americans

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