Porter 's Four Corner Analysis

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Porter’s Four Corner Analysis of T- Mobile Bryan Strong Professor Robinson BUS 520.91 Competitive Intelligence December 13th, 2014 Analysis Summary A competitor analysis supplies businesses with a strategic advantage when studying target market competitors. This analysis provides marketing tactics, organizational structure, past and potential future strengths and weaknesses of current competitors in the targeted market. This competitor analysis will focus on T-Mobile as it makes strong strides to becoming a ‘game changer’ within the wireless telecommunication market. As a current employee of AT&T, it is critical to recognize and increase the knowledge of AT&T’s biggest competitor, T- Mobile. Furthermore it is imperative…show more content…
Drivers of Motivation Drivers of motivation assist in accurately predicating a competitor’s action by further understanding their goals and current attainment to their goals. A large gap between the two potentially indicates that the competitor is prepared to address external threats that are introduced. On the other hand, a narrow gap ensures the competitor will produce a protective strategy. The main priority is discovering what drives the competitor. Gaining a large customer base, which equates to substantial profit margins, drives T-Mobile. Furthermore, they are also driven by the need to succeed and to imitate the other four major carriers in the industry. The motivation to have more customers with increased profit margins ultimately drives the competitor into wanting to work harder. As of right now, T-Mobile currently is the fourth largest telecommunication company who owns 12.2% of the United States market share (“IBIS World”, 2014). Management Motivation and Assumptions Managerial motivations and assumptions address the perceptions the competitor has towards their own organization and how to shape the strategy to the current industry views. This component determines the competitor’s awareness of its strengths, weaknesses, organizations culture, and impressions regarding competitor’s goals. When the competitor predicts highly of its competition they will identify a plan to confidently counteract any
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