Essay about Porter's 5 in Mining Industry

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1. Porters 5 forces Analysis:

1.1 Buyer power:

The buyers for mining industry usually have medium to high power. There are two elements that could affect the buyer’s power. One is buyer’s level of negotiation; the other is buyer’s price sensitivity. In our case, the two companies are producing coal and uranium. These two products are mainly used for producing electricity. Buyers for these natural resources must have large quantity of demand, and also they usually have government behind them for negotiation. Even through these natural resources are unrenewable and limited, there are other mining companies producing them and these resources are undifferentiated from other companies products. This makes the buyers have high
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1.3 Rivalry among existing firms:

The competition of mining industry is medium to high. One major competition for mining industry is the competition for resources and mines, which is different from other industries. Since the resources are limited and unrenewable, together with the continues increasing demand for energy, such as coal demand of China and India, the battle of exploiting and developing new mines are intensive. Also, there are many competitors in the industry. However, since the exit barriers are high, the competition is limited within the existing companies. Companies in the industry might battle for larger market share but facing little threat of new entries. Thus, the competition in the industry is concluded as medium to high.

1.4 Threat of new entrants:

New entrants may pose a threat to the company by introducing new innovative products at a competitive prices and eating into their market share and customer loyalty. The threat of entry for the coal and uranium industry tends to be low due to high entry barriers. The reason for this is the government regulations and restriction on coal and uranium mining companies. Resources of coal and uranium are laminated. The capital expenditure or set up of mining company is very high. Moreover, mining companies has a high exit cost and that because the use of specialized asset. Also,
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