Portfolio Assignment International Industry Analysis Essay

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Table of Content: Portfolio assignment international industry analysis. Introduction: International industry analysis is a very broad concept to look at; to do a detailed analysis of this internationalisation is the key concept of this report. The portfolio is prepared to do analysis of how, global retail market and civil aero engine spreading their business outside the borders of their origin. Further in this report PESTLE, CAGE, and YIP drivers are used to understand how a global retail market and civil aero engine industry are spreading their businesses using some vital companies as example. The conclusion will be based on the models of PESTLE, CAGE & YIP drivers as comparison between these two industries. Global retail industry. Retailing industry is one of the fast growing industry. The process of these industry in early 2000 was to buy commodities in bulk and sell them to the needy ones with margin or profit. The market is completely changed now with the trend of online shopping. Although technology is catching up the entire world, report states that the online shopping only concludes to 15% of the buyer. The global retail industry is distinguished into two main categories perishable and non-perishable goods. Further concluded as grocery retailing and non-grocery retailing. The FMCG industry still dominates the entire world market. However the

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