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Paradox Software Business Plan Name Founder 2222 West Code Street Medford, OR 97501 (541) 882-6568 towhomitmayconcern@paradoxsoft.com February 28th, 2016 A. Executive Summary 4 A1. Company Identification: 4 A2. Mission of the Company: 4 A4. Keys to Success: 4 B. Company Summary 6 B1. Industry History: 6 B2. Legal Form of Ownership: 6 B3. Location and Facilities: 6 B4. Management Structure: 6 B5. Products and Services: 6 C. Market Analysis 8 C1. Target Market 8 C2. Industry Analysis: 8 C3. SWOT Analysis 10 D. Market Strategy 14 D1. 4Ps: Discuss each of the four Ps of marketing as they relate to the company’s products and services. 14 D2. Price List: Develop a price list for the company’s products and services.…show more content…
A2. Mission of the Company: Paradox Software’s mission it to help consumers remove the clutter and overuse of space of pictures and videos they take with their smart phones. Paradox Software’s application will allow the consumer to free up valuable space on their smart phones as well as decrease bandwidth required to store and access them in the cloud while still allowing them to easily view their items when they desire at an affordable price. Paradox Software’s application will continue to evolve to meet their consumers’ growing needs in the area of photo archival. A3. Business Goals: Paradox’s first business goal is to successfully reach 25,000 downloads of its application in the first year. Because of the nature of the application, true success is in the amount of space freed up on the consumers device and the ease at which they can still access their items. All initial marketing will be done via social media and word of mouth. Paradox’s second business goal is to be able to feature a mature product on at least 4 morning news programs in large television markets during CES. Preferred television markets will have at least 150,000 viewers and be considered large metropolitan areas. Since Paradox is utilizing word of mouth, social media and major event news coverage, the marketing cost per unit can be considerably low, allowing Paradox’s software to maintain a low price point for purchase. A4. Keys to Success: The first key to success is to

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