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Portfolio Assignment

SUS1501 – Sustainability and Greed

Student Name: Shitlhangu Mercy Tsakani
Student Number: 40525007
Date: 2014.05.06
Teaching Assistant Name: S GEORGE


By submitting this portfolio, I implicitly declare that this is my own work except for the “Introduction” which was kindly written for me by my lecturer.


My aim in compiling this portfolio was to reflect on the things that have struck me throughout this crazy module.

My starting point for doing this was to revisit my opinions to the multiple choice questions which were presented in the Crossroads assignment. I present these current opinions, together with my original opinions, and some brief notes in the section
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This is how the disease Hantavirus is transmitted. Heat waves can cause droughts. As a result, water levels decrease, lowering water quality and increasing the opportunity for disease transmission. Heat waves also increase health problems in humans. Average surface temperature will increase. Sea level will rise from melting ice around the world. This could be as much as a meter, or much more if melting accelerates or destabilizes major ice sheets (there is unexpected and recent evidence of Greenland and West Antarctica becoming destabilized.) Melting or destabilization of either could raise sea level world-wide by 25 feet. Deaths will increase as a result of heat waves, drought, and flooding.

We have to begin to strive to solve this problem now as it takes time to lower concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, individual and collective action – communities, states, nations, businesses and government are needed. We have to learn about our “carbon” footprint and how to reduce it by wasting less energy and pushing for solutions that would reduce carbon emissions per unit of energy used. The less fossil fuel’s used the better.
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Consequences of Global Warming. 1/3/06. Natural

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