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The project is based on analyzing the 40 scrip’s and preparing a portfolio of 20 scrip’s and evaluates the performance of portfolio for the next one year. The sample size is 40 companies stocks. The company stocks are chosen based on their nature 1) Aggressive in nature (β>1).2) Conservative in nature (β<1) and 3).Balanced in nature (β=1).The portfolio performance is compared with various mutual funds and with market to pullout or adds some companies according to their performances. The virtual money investing in the portfolio is 100 Crores.



I express my sincere thanks to my college, AURORA’S BUSINESS SCHOOL for giving me this opportunity to work in one of the leading organizations in
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By 1830 's business on corporate stocks and shares in Bank and Cotton presses took place in Bombay. Though the trading list was broader in 1839, there were only half a dozen brokers recognized by banks and merchants during 1840 and 1850. The 1850 's witnessed a rapid development of commercial enterprise and brokerage business attracted many men into the field and by 1860 the number of brokers increased into 60.

In 1860-61 the American Civil War broke out and cotton supply from United States of Europe was stopped; thus, the 'Share Mania ' in India begun. The number of brokers increased to about 200 to 250.
However, at the end of the American Civil War, in 1865, a disastrous slump began (for example, Bank of Bombay Share which had touched Rs 2850 could only be sold at Rs. 87). At the end of the American Civil War, the brokers who thrived out of Civil War in 1874, found a place in a street (now appropriately called as Dalal Street) where they would conveniently assemble and transact business. In 1887, they formally established in Bombay, the "Native Share and Stock Brokers ' Association" (which is alternatively known as "The Stock Exchange "). In 1895, the Stock Exchange acquired a premise in the same street and it was inaugurated in 1899. Thus, the Stock Exchange at Bombay was consolidated.

Growth pattern of Indian stock market:

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