Portfolio Management: Scott Paper Case Study

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Scott Paper Case Study Q1. What elements of project portfolio management are currently in place in the process to develop new products for Scott Paper? "As its name implies, project portfolio management groups projects so they can be managed as a portfolio, much as an investor would manage his stocks, bonds and mutual funds" (Solomon 2002:1). As an international paper purveyor, Scott Paper sells a wide range of products in a variety of markets. To manage new product development, it analyzes projects according to four distinct categories in its system of portfolio management. The first category pertains to supply chain issues, or issues related to product cost, manufacturing feasibility and shelf life. The second category relates to market opportunities such as customer demand, value proposition and instrumentality. The third rates the product's alignment with overall brand positioning and the fourth rates the product's ability to respond to competitive threats and responses. Project management does not simply make it easier to manage projects in a logistical fashion. "Discussions aren't just about how much a project will cost, but also about its anticipated risks and returns in relation to other projects. This way, entire portfolios can be jiggered to produce the highest returns based on current conditions" (Solomon 2002:1). Each project is evaluated systematically according to these four components. This ensures that projects are assessed on the same terms, in a fairly

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