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Portfolio of learning assignment – 3 ARTIFACT My third artifact consists of three documents “Thomas–Kilmann questionnaire” on conflict management styles, “Observer feedback sheet” which I received from my peer after my oral presentation and “The Competent Communicator graphic”. All three documents are part of Managerial Communications course. I am choosing these documents as an artifact because it was mandatory to use these documents as an artifact as well as they reflects my learning during the course and help me to determine my efficiency as a competent communicator. LEARNING All these documents “Thomas-Kilmann question questionnaire”, “Observer feedback sheet” and “The Competent Communicator graphic” gave me the outcome of my personality. The Thomas-Kilmann questionnaire showed me that my behavior suites avoiding approach. This shows that my approach to solve a conflict is unassertive and uncooperative. This is a situation in which both people involved in conflict lose, so I need to change this approach to solve the conflict effectively. In the beginning of the course my presentation skills were not good and I was not able to deliver the presentation effectively. But during the course I gave presentations which helped me to remove my disfluencies during presentation. During my last presentation I was observed by my classmate and he gave me feedback for my presentation and I came to know about the disfluencies during the presentation and I need to gratuitous fillers. From
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