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It earned 27% in 3 weeks. This was partially due to the negotiations with the U.S. government for possible contracts to create renewable gas stations all across the United States which would have given the company preferential government treatment and expected earnings. However; analysts were beginning to speculate that the stock was overvalued as they expected only a $0.17 increase in EPS while the stock price was still soaring 30% above the correct value. In turn I shorted the stock and made a small profit. DGAZ (MMF) Inversely Linked to the S&P Natural Gas Index Excess Return This was a younger stock that had just increased it’s price by 100% in 4 weeks. When I looked at the S&P Index I could see that natural gas and heating oil were dropping; as were the futures for heating oil and natural gas. These price changes came during a period of warm weather during the winter in Canada/U.S.; however I thought that the stock would drop as the energy prices went up. The opposite happened and I lost $3000 only to watch it drop significantly at a later date. Advice to people trading with real money & lessons learned 1. Performing fundamental and technical analysis is necessary. You must explore different channels where information relevant to the stocks in your portfolio exist, however, be vigilant of the sources you choose to follow when making decisions pertaining to your
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