Portfolio for Organizational Behavior

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INTRODUCTION The portfolio describes the business implementations of the concepts we learnt in the Organizational Behaviour [MGMT 5100] course. The course enabled us to understand and learn how the organisations work and what key considerations a manager should take care of while managing different people. It also provided us the opportunity to understand ourselves through Concrete Experiences and Reflective Observations of various concepts. It also explains how human behaviour differs based on culture, geography, gender and other external environmental influence. It explained how our ideas and behaviour are perceived by others in an organisation. By actively participating in the class lecture sessions, group discussions, reading the…show more content…
The founder and president of Langley, B.C.-based Paramount Refund Management, which processes claims for clients of the federal Scientific Research and Experimental Development program, tried two designs before introducing her current one a year and a half ago. “I had in the past put the targets in the wrong place, so to speak, and got the wrong results,” says Ms. Aulenback of the system. “I had systems where I let employees participate in part of the profits, and some years they got no bonus because the company didn’t hit its target for whatever reasons,” she says. “And then one year I had an employee who was able to go back to school because her bonus was so big.” Pay-for-performance can mean anything from pure commission-based compensation, typical in sales environments, to annual bonuses, to salary increases based on merit (rather than cost of living). Used correctly, the structures can align staff with company objectives while providing a financial reward – creating a win-win for both employer and employee, says Andreas Hesse, a consultant with Clear HR Consulting in Vancouver. If you’re not tying raises or bonuses to performance you’re “simply giving your money away,” Mr. Hesse
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