Portfolio of Business Writing

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Business Writing Portfolio Introduction: A portfolio is a collection of evidence that represents achievements and learning within a module, course or a program of a study. This portfolio that am going to write is about Business Writing course that I’m taking in this semester. As all other students who took Business Writing, it 's about understanding the audience; in this course I have learned that our goal is to adapt our message to fit the audience 's needs, goals and interest. This course is also about business communication, how to have good communicating skills, writing a business letter, placing orders, direct requests and how to write letters and memos. Business writing differs from academic writing; the layout of details…show more content…
In class exercises and assignments are to be done in computer. Students should bring their flash memory drive to save their assignments, exercises or class work. Requirements: 1) Final Grade Percentage: Participation, Assignments 40% Group project 25% Midterm Exam 15% Portfolio (Final Exam) 20% Final Grade: 100% 2) Attendance: Students must attend all scheduled classes. As everyone know the college policy requires the students who miss 30% of their classes will be penalized by deducting a full letter grade from their final exam, unless if those who comes late have an excuse or a sick leave 3) Assignments: When submitting any assignments, your name, your student identification number, should be clearly written on the first page and all pages should be stapled together. In the End, Communication skills are critical to success in your work place or even in your life at anytime. This course focuses almost exclusively on written business communication, business letters, emails…etc..etc. Hoping that we have provided you with the most comprehensive information about this course. Email format After the memo assignment, we took two classes explaining about a new style of writing which is business email. This new tool of communication had
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