Portfolio of Case Studies Essay

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Portfolio of Case Studies
Case study #1 pg.379
Whose responsibility should it be to complete those reports?
It is Bob’s job to clean up and complete any reports he can until the end of the day or until his last day of work. That is only fair to the real people and children who are represented by the cases that he carries. After that however, it is Harriet’s job or whoever Melville Middle School appoints to clean up and organize and take over the cases that Bob has open.
Is Bob right was he really doing his job?
Bob may have been doing his job but part of any job is being able to communicate with coworkers and bosses. Because Bob was not keeping up on the company information in the newsletter or replying to e-mails that he did not
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What do you recommend Nancy do above and beyond what has already been done?
Nancy needs to continue to communicate with the clinic administration when any new incident occurs. She also needs to go ahead and file the restraining order and keep in touch with the police so that they can be of help to her. Nancy needs to make sure that she is parked close to the building and in as well lit of an area as possible. She also needs to continue to keep no communication with the ex-boyfriend.
Do you think Nancy is wise in considering a gun to the clinic?
In my personal opinion I do not believe this is a good idea. The gun makes it possible for an already intense situation to become even more aggressive. I do not believe Nancy should bring a gun unless she is prepared to use it and the chances are that he will surprise her before she even has a chance to get the gun out. There is a security guard available and she has notified the police the best thing to do is have the local police patrol drive by her car before it is time for her to leave and make sure that he is not lurking around her car.

Case Study #3 pg. 399
In light of the committee’s agreement on the cause of the high employee turnover, why should upper management give attention to the concepts of employee motivation and empowerment?
The concepts of employee motivation and empowerment help people feel that they are part of something bigger than
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