Portia And Sally Exchange: Student Analysis

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I often have a difficult time beginning an assignment or task, but not necessarily for the fear of failure. For certain things, I consider myself a perfectionist, and for any school-related assignment or task, I feel like it has to be ‘perfect,’ although I know there is no such thing. On the other hand, if I give a task my best efforts, I know and feel confident enough that I will do well. It has taken me some time to develop this way of thinking, but I believe having confidence is really important. When I’m working on an assignment that becomes overbearing, for instance, I tell myself, “You’ve done this before, you can do this again.” Also, when I am writing on a essay, I like to remember myself that, “It’s just words.” Of course, it’s a little more than that, but it helps ease the stress a bit. So, these are two things I often tell students: to be more confident in themselves and for them to remember, “It’s just words.”…show more content…
I have helped students that are like Portia--assertive, uncompromising, cocky--and I’ve learned to enjoy helping even these type of students. If I have an aspirations to being a teacher one day, I have to know how to deal with students like this, and sometimes, helping a student whose personality is completing different from yours helps you not only as a tutor, but as a person as
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