Portman Hotel-Case

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1) What is the Portman Hotel business model and what was the personal valet arrangement trying to accomplish?

The business model of the hotel was setting new standards in the hotel industry from the very beginning. It was a niche product, a revolution in guest service and style of service. The management of the hotel got impressed by this approach in Asia where they stayed at fine hotels for a lower amount of money.

The hotel was relatively small – 348 rooms and 21 floors. Its rooms were elegant with natural furniture. The hotels are all niche, a revolution in guest service. This type of hotels is, as mentioned before, from Hong Kong, where Portman spent some time. The base challenge had been to build a company providing high
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There was also something wrong with the whole status of PVs. Other hotel staff treated PVs as maids. There was no central figure to point the whole organisation into one direction. The supplies were in different rooms on different floors which made changing a floor pretty difficult for staff. To make their work more diverse the supervisors changed the working posts of each PV each day which resulted in even higher dissatisfaction, because apparently it was hard to work with different people every day, on a different floor where they did not know where essential cleaning tools are stored. In theory associates would have more responsibilities, would have to be able to cover for one another, and would have to be willing to perform tasks outside their official responsibilities, particularly if those tasks had to do with a guest 's request. In reality they were rushing around doing the job hotel maids should have been doing for 70% of the time, serving the guests rarely and if at all they were not looking presentable at all. For this no one would want to pay a premium the company was trying to acquire.
One of the cruicial faults of the system in my opinion was the selection of the employees. The hotel hired Selection Research Inc. (SRI), a recruitment and development consulting firm. SRI 's approach to selection was to systematically
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