Portrait Photography Made Simple By Balal Rizvi

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Portrait Photography Made Simple
By Balal Rizvi | Submitted On April 20, 2011

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Expert Author Balal Rizvi
Becoming a portrait photographer is one of the toughest tasks a photographer can face. This form of photography is the most challenging and requires a complete mastering of the art. Now, don 't let this scare you away because if you have the passion and the intent you can overcome anything. It is always thought that a studio is required for portrait photography. However, it is not true as more than half of portraits are shot outdoors. Environmental portraits allow you to show the subject as well as the surroundings. Even if you don 't have a great studio you can flourish in the art by photographing in parks, beaches and open fields.

A best size of a portrait image is the one that can be enlarged to the size of 11x14 inches. If the size is any smaller, the face of the person will be too small and it will not be considered a portrait. You have to understand some photography techniques to get on top of the game. You will need the help of a low ISO, prime lenses, tripods and a mid-range DSLR camera.

When shooting in a studio you need to make sure

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