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5Es Constructivist Lesson Sequence: Earth and Space Science
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EDX2260 Assignment 2
Australian Curriculum: Science http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/Science/Curriculum/F-10 Topic: Sky and Space
(3 weeks duration)
Year Level:
Science Understanding
(only select relevant statements)
Science as a Human Endeavour
(only select relevant statements)
Science Inquiry Skills
(only select relevant statements)
Earth and Space Sciences
Content description:

Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape (ACSSU019)


Recording short and longer-term patterns of events that occur on Earth and in the sky, such as the appearance of the moon and stars at night, the weather and the seasons.
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Discover Students misconceptions and list them on an interactive white board for future understandings.
Inform the children that you’re going to take them out in all the four season to observe, take pictures and discuss about each season and the weather.

Four sets of season’s pictures in boxes (When finding pictures look for a variety of weather and different changes in each picture. Ensure all the sceneries are not similar)

Paper strips printed the four seasons

Pencils and pens to write

Drawing papers

Interactive white board


Sticky tape

I Spy Game ( Reference)

• To provide hands-on, shared experiences.
• To support students to investigate and explore ideas.
Science learning experiences

Lesson 2

Hence children have misconceptions on the weather elements and changes in the environment (Reference book Year 1) Probing questions and discussing with the students about the moon’s phases
Asking the class as a whole. Can we see the moon during the daytime? Does the moon appear in the sky during daytime?
Guiding the students to investigate the question through the Internet. Exploring through the Internet about the moon.
Explaining and discussing about “what they knew” and “what they learnt” after the investigation. (Eg: What they know- the moon can be seen only in the night. What they learnt- the moon can also be seen during the daytime).
Discussing about the new words throughout the

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