Portrayal Of Drug Use Modern Film

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Portrayal of Drug Use in Modern Film Almost every type of drug has appeared numerous times in numerous genres of film because of widespread interest, reliability, dramatic qualities, and curiosity of the public. This research paper will serve as an exploration into the different portrayals of various drugs in the films: Trainspotting, Go Ask Alice, and Prozac Nation. The portrayals will include: drugs used, reasons for use, user’s reaction, other character’s reactions, and the effects the drugs have on all the character’s lives. Most research agrees that the accuracy of drug portrayal depends on the genre of film. For example, comedies tend not to include the negative side effects of any drug (including alcohol and tobacco). Dramas, on the other hand, tend to include the worst possible scenarios that could take place. Perhaps it is for this reason that people do not often take film portrayals seriously. Furthermore, if someone were truly interested in learning about the effects of a drug, it would seem obvious that they should explore documentaries. The average person, or even the average user, may begin to watch a documentary, say on meth, and be disturbed by the graphic nature and turn it off claiming that “would never happen to them.” The reality of the matter is that dramas tend to fairly accurately depict the outcomes of most people who suffer from serious drug afflictions. The importance of this topic stands in the prevalence of media—more specifically, in the
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