Portrayal Of Ophelia Throughout The Two Film Versions Of Hamlet

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Simran Jandu
Mr. Crawford
English 40S
November 11, 2016
Portrayal of Ophelia in the two film versions of Hamlet
Hamlet is an acknowledging Shakespearean play that was later filmed in 1990 by Franco Zeffirelli and in 1996 by Kenneth Branagh. Both these directors interpret the play differently adding unique twists and turns of their own to help focus on one thing than the other. In their contrasting films, these two directors depict the character of Ophelia very differently. Through Zeffirelli’s film, Ophelia, played by Helena Bonham Carter is portrayed as a dreamy, naive, childish character, however in Branagh 's version; Kate Winslet portrays Ophelia as a more mature, sensible and strong willed character. These different portrayals of Ophelia can be further analyzed through cinematography, set and costume designs and through the actor themselves. Firstly, the different interpretation of Ophelia is shown through the cinematography of the two films. Cinematography refers to the camera movement and angles. Zeffirelli chooses to make many of Ophelia’s shots filmed from above, reinforcing Ophelia’s character small helpless and under control. Whereas in Branagh’s most of the scenes of are front, eye level shots. These shots show Ophelia like anyone else in the movie. Another difference in shots can be seen in the “mad scene” part, when Ophelia goes mad after the death of Polonius, her father. In Zeffirelli’s film the scene is the camera tends to follow Ophelia around showing

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