Portrayal Of Soldiers In Movies Essay

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Even though a soldier is made for war they are still human on the inside so if they start to feel a range of different emotions it is not odd, I have chosen to explore ‘the portrayal of soldiers’ the movies I will focus on are: ‘Pearl Habour by Michael Bay, American Sniper by Clint Eastwood, Black Hawk Down by Ridley Scott and the song Hero Of War performed by Rise Against to see if there are any similarities in the emotions of soldiers whether it be a sense of pride or a feeling of depression.

At the start of the movie Pearl Habour directed by Michael Bay shows two young boys “Danny and Reef” who are pretending to fly an old aeroplane. The two boys then go on to being pilots in the U.S.A navy. The pilots show a sense of pen when the Japanese chose to bomb Pearl Harbour and they courageously decided to get in two planes and ended up shooting down seven Japanese aeroplanes. Towards the end Reef begins to display signs of depression as Danny is shot by a Japanese soldier. An indicator that
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Throughout the movie, it showed a lot of mixed emotions. The main emotion I noticed was a sense of courage, mainly because the U.S soldiers that were fighting in Somalia were fighting a war that they did not need to be apart of. They couragesly left there homes in America to fight in Somalia not to stop the Somalian terrorists but to make a difference for the ones who did not want war. But when an American squad of soldiers get pinned down and one of their soldiers gets seriously injuired, the emotional devastation shown on a couple of soldiers faces when they decide to get the bullet out of the wound and failed, I personally thought that the courage of the soldiers to go and fight another countries war was pretty outstanding. I believe that the emotions that would have been running through the soldiers would have been pretty hard to control as they are making life and death decisions on a daily
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