Portrayal Of The American Girls Professional Baseball League

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For decades, sports films in American have established connections between movies and American values, with each sports film providing a different perspective and more depth to different values. With the frequent ties of historical context, movies draw upon real athletes, situations, and struggles. The historical context further represents social and cultural beliefs during the time of the movie’s setting, helping to portray the past. This paper will discuss several American values identified throughout the movies viewed, whether its progress, freedom, or equality. Through a fictional portrayal of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League with women fighting for their rights to promote progress in world where a woman’s role was to care for the house; the emotional fight for equality with a desegregated school fighting to play football as one; an underdog finding personal success in a sport that said he was not good enough, and a cross country team success provides a better future.
Sports films tell a compelling story and leave the audience with a message based on different American values by exploring controversial and historical issues and reestablishing the values and beliefs that reward the hard work and dedication of the underdog. Many sports films provide a progressive shift of a situation emphasizing an individual or groups determination to change the mindset of traditional values. The American value “progress” was depicted throughout the movies A League of…
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