Portrayal Of Women During The World Of Literature

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Portrayal of Women in The World of Literature How did women gain respect since the days of sexism and discrimination? Over the course of literary history, the role of women has changed drastically. Before the 19th-century, women were written as insignificant and trivial in relation to the events in a story. Women were not allowed the same rights and privileges as men, such as the right to vote and equal respect in their work. In the late 18th-century, women like Judith Sargent Murray and Mary Wollstonecraft began writing pieces to try and show the way women were cut off from society. These women tried to undo the patriarchal attitude that many men, and some women, had towards the abilities of women. Women began writing to persuade men of their equality in their work, to correct injustices and discrimination, and to take away political implications on gender. The number of women whose work was being published in the 19th-century was at the highest it had ever been up to this point. These authors wrote of their personal opinions and experiences on discrimination and bigotry to draw attention to these issues, “The many social reform movements led by nineteenth-century women, such as religious revivalism, abolitionism, temperance, and suffrage, gave women writers a context, an audience, and a forum in which they could express their views” (Lykins). By writing about controversial topics, these women caught the eyes of many people around the world. They gained respect from
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