Portrayal Of Women In Hamlet

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Women are truly the backbones of society. They continue to bloom and flourish, helping to further grow and expand communities and the world, but are often cast to the shadows because of stereotypes placed on them dating from centuries ago. It is no secret that Shakespearean plays set basis for these stereotypes, but because of the world views on women's rights in Shakespeare's time, his female characters were allowed to break free from the confines of society. In Shakespeare's most famous play, Hamlet, the two leading ladies, Ophelia and Gertrude, break free from the standard by showcasing various acts of defiance, choosing their own paths and _______________________________. Shakespearean plays often portray women as fragile, negligible and untrustworthy people. Because of the dynamics of Hamlet, the women in the play closely fit the accepted stereotype but, prove to be the strongest characters written in this tragic tragedy by defying the restrictions placed upon them.
Although it may not be clear to the naked eye, the women in Hamlet display certain acts of disobedience through small deeds. Ophelia, Hamlet’s love interest in the play, showcases her lack of obedience and wit through two separate scenes. She first portrays these rebellious characteristics when she first tells her father of the relationship she has with Hamlet. Many people would argue that this does not show any of Ophelia's stray from the norm and some may argue that this scene would more portray a father
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