Portrayal Of Wonder Woman

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The Rise of Wonder Woman Comic books have been used as a mirror of society to show or influence the behavior of people. Wonder Woman was a breakthrough from all the masculine superhero franchise at the time of her conception and was created with the intentions of being propaganda for the new type of woman during the second wave of feminism. The comic world which was filled with male heroes, readily welcomed the first comic heroine to make an appearance in the DC Comic book universe. “The new character was immediately successful. Marston’s idealized Amazon—capable, strong, but traditionally “feminine”—seemed to strike the perfect chord for a country at war” (Stanley, 2005). Wonder Woman has been reinvented many times throughout the years, since her origins to recent contemporary films. Not only were her costume changed, but major themes and storylines were altered to “reflect both patriarchal society’s need to redefine according to cultural and economic circumstances” (Stanley, 2015). Wonder Woman has become a successful female character and global icon, balancing traditional masculinity and femininity using her superhero identity and her alter ego as Diana Prince. This paper will be focus on the comic book portrayal of Wonder Woman, including an overview of Wonder Woman through the comics, how Wonder Woman breaks and embraces gender norms through her role as a heroine and through her alter ego Diana Prince. Overview of Wonder Woman Superheroes first made their appearance
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