Portrayal of the Holocaust in Maus Written by Spiegelman and Life is Beautiful Directed by Roberto Benigni

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Both Maus, written by Art Spiegelman, and Life is beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni have two very different portrayals of the holocaust and their main characters both have different strengths that allow them and their families to keep afloat during the Holocaust. Vladek and Guido use their individual strengths to survive the prison camps and help their loved ones to survive as well. Both Vladek and Guido have families they need to keep track of while living in the harsh environment of the concentration camps. Guido’s ability to be comical and a quick thinker allows him and his son to stay alive. The resourcefulness of Vladek and his quick learning skill allow him and his wife to stay alive. Vladek and Guido are not alone in the…show more content…
When told to translate orders to the other italian prisoners, he makes it come off as a game in order for his son to stay calm. “The game starts now. You have to score one thousand points. If you do that, you take home a tank with a big gun.” This keeps his son from realizing the harsh reality in which the concentration camps are. As Giosue finds more things that seem suspicious to him, Guido is able to tie it into the “game” he has made or is able to make it seem like something harmless. Giosue states, “‘No Jews or Dogs Allowed.’ Why do all the shops say, ‘No Jews Allowed’?” Guido replies back, “Oh, that. ‘Not Allowed’ signs are the latest trend! The other day, I was in a shop with my friend the kangaroo, but their sign said, ‘No Kangaroos Allowed,’ and I said to my friend, ‘Well, what can I do? They don't allow kangaroos.’” It should be noted that Giosue’s stubbornness to take a shower helped him endure. In the movie it is expressed that when the kids are told to “take a shower” that actually means that they will be taken to and oven then either burnt or gassed. When Giosue refuses to take a shower he saved his life. It should also be noted that Guido had a connection inside the camp. While working as a waiter, he meets Dr. Lessing, who works for the nazis(Nazis). They reunite in a gas chamber, where they were forced to go after Guido’s

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