Portrayals of Masculinity in the Films Tough Guise and Oceans Eleven

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Tough Guise is a documentary about how the media constructs how the male masculinity is formed and how it is to be a man in our society today. The man speaking throughout this film is discussing how there is a crisis in today's masculinity. Arguing there exist a crisis in today's masculinity and how everything that bad usually happens is because a man did it. The media advertises and portrays how men should act, but often how men are portrayed in the media are of violence acts and the degrading of women. Some of the examples in the film included WWE wrestling, going to a school and asking students what they would be called if not acting tough such as soft, fag etc. Music from such artists boys from the hood shows African males acting…show more content…
Which Danny wants to steal back for himself. On the side note Danny Ocean wants to rob these Las Vegas vaults is because their owned by Terry Benedict who is married to Danny's former wife Tess. Then Danny ocean and Rusty Ryan hire nine men to do this job a card dealer Frank, pickpocket Linus, con artist Saul, British bomb man Basher, computer techies expert Dell, two brothers Virgil and Turk and a acrobat expert that can fit in tight spaces Yen. They follow three rules in this movie, no blood, rob only people that deserve it, do it as if you have nothing to lose. The main character always keeps his cool even in uncomfortable situations where it would make the average person very uncomfortable this is the type of man the media makes you want to be. Of course at the end of the movie they rob Terry Benedict and Danny leaves with his wife. There are a whole bunch of masculinities in this movie there is one above all else that truly stands out it is loyalty to your boys. You could even say the bro's before ho's mentality. Women are seen as trophies in this movie beautiful trophy wives. Women are addressed more or less as objects in this movie. The main characters in this film are smooth, cool, slick and have the elegance, groomed polished, tailored. The men also don't get mad they get even for example when Danny sees Terry Benedict with his ex-wife he has to get even by robbing him and stealing his money from his
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