Poseidon And Thunderstorms-Personal Narrative

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One Day, as my family was gathered sitting around telling stories. A while into telling these amazing stories I decide to tell my tale. “I got one, I got one,” I darted out of my mouth. My mom says, “Ok Darren wait until your cousins done.” “Ok,” I respond. All this time, I am saying my story in my head to remember it. Finally my cousin is done and I am able to tell my great story. “Guys listen up, my story is great,” I claim. My cousin Ryan states, “Oh really, let’s hear it.” I reply “Ok, it’s about how thunderstorms were made.” A long time ago, Zeus and Poseidon got into a pretty big fight. Zeus wanted to destroy Poseidon, Zeus hated Poseidon, he had no friendly thoughts about Poseidon, they were all enemy thoughts. Zeus is a very…show more content…
Poseidon tries to knock Zeus away with water, but Zeus fires back with lightning, the water and lightning collide! It explodes, the water and lightning joining together making water fall out of the sky and lightning strike randoms places. Something really awful is happening, and there is no way to fix it. It keeps happening until the water and lightning break apart from each other. Finally, the water and lightning break apart, and it all stops. Today we call them thunderstorms. These “thunderstorms” happen every time Zeus and Poseidon fight. My younger cousin RJ states, “Is that the really the way thunderstorms happen.” “Yes indeed RJ,” I claim. “Zeus and Poseidon still to this day have no friendly thoughts about each other,” I say. My Mom states, “RJ, the is really the way thunderstorms, they damage a lot of things.” My Mom-mom says, “ Thunderstorms are terrible.” “Sometimes, we hate when thunderstorms because they can knock down trees, and damage things like your house, cause floods and could maybe even kill people, ” I say to my family. This is what you should think of when you want to get into a fight or your fighting. Fighting could hurt people, not just physical it could hurt them mentally. Also, it could hurt you, it could hurt your friendships with people, the way people treat you, and it could hurt how close you are with your
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