Poseidon's A New Creation?

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A new creation was made. One that would change time forever. An idea Poseidon got one night when we was eating dinner alone. This idea would have to get his thinking cap on and that's what he did. He stayed up all night and planned to make the creation of time. The recipe to the new weapon was 47 protons and electrons, 61 neutrons. The weight of the trident was 107.8682. Then 1 valence electron. He made the element silver (Ag). Then Poseidon added a dash of magic. It took a whole 3 hours to make it. Then came Trinity the Trident. She came out loud and cheerful. Which is a good thing because Poseidon was slowly going to sleep. They both danced in joy that the new creation worked. Now it was just time to put it to the work.
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