Poseidon's Adventure To Fish-Full-A Narrative Fiction

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One day in the deep ocean blue, Poseidon was in Ariel’s castle talking with Ariel.”Please Poseidon! Please go across the sea and get me a dinglehopper!” “Okay fine! But that means you have to return a favor,” Poseidon said in a low voice. “But you have to give me the address,” said Poseidon. “ it’s P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney,” said Ariel. Then poseidon was on his way.

Before his adventure started he had to get some food. So he went to Fish-Full-A and got a fish sandwich, a side of coral, and a glass of salt water. Then he packed his stuff and headed to his first stop. Which was the island of Motunui. When he got to Motunui he suddenly was surrounded by villagers who started singing to him. ¨oh way oh way! We keep our island in our minds
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¨follow me!¨ said Dory. 5 minutes later Dory turned around and said ¨who are you and why are you following me?¨ ¨I am Poseidon and you were taking me to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney.¨ ¨huh? What are you talking about, I don't know you!¨ said Dory. ¨ Dory! Just take us place poseidon said,¨ said Moana. Dory was really confused. ¨oh! I remember you!¨ Dory yelled. ¨then take us!¨ yelled Poseidon. Then they started back on their way. Another 5 minutes later Dory turned around and said ¨who are you and why are you following me?” that happened about two times and Poseidon finally said “ I’ve had enough!” Poseidon’s beard started flashing different colors. Then Poseidon pulled out his triton and started creating a huge maelstrom. The maelstrom was the scariest thing you could ever see in your life. “Stop! You need to stop! This could kill somebody! And it could kill all the ocean animals and the sea life!” yelled Moana. “This is enough, you have been doing this for 2 hours and I have answered you every time,” said Poseidon. “Okay, I have had it, have you never seen finding nemo?” said Moana. “No why?” “Because Dory has short term memory…show more content…
“Well that doesn’t matter! Wait what does that mean?” asked Poseidon. “It means that she forgets what she does. Now stop, you are harming people,” said Moana. Just then everything started calming, the maelstrom was smaller and his beard stopped flashing different colors. “Maybe you’re right Moana, maybe I should stop,” said Poseidon sadly. The maelstrom stopped. “I know, you really hurt my feelings,” said Dory. “I apologize Dory and Moana, I shouldn’t have done that,” said Poseidon shamefully.
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