Poseidon's Behavior

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Next, the results of the citizens’ behavior were acts of justice. Zeus, the god of gods, saw this mischief and roared out his anger. Poseidon woke up at the sound of this to look up the sea and find out at his once-perfect kingdom had been wiped with evil. Poseidon wept and his law was broken, so he carried out his terrible curse as he had no other choice, as a result of the citizens’ behavior. Poseidon made a wave so big it lashed the heavens, and later the waves swallowed up Atlantis. This is in the text, (paragraph 19, 20, 21,), where its stated “(19) The sound of Zeus’s fury had woke Poseidon. Rising to the surface of the waves, the sea-god looked out over to his once-perfect kingdom-and wept. (20) Now he had no choice; he must carry out
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