Position Analysis Questionnaire ( Paq )

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POSITION ANALYSIS QUESTIONNAIRE (PAQ) For STAFF POSITION AUDIT Instructions for Employee The Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) is a set of questions regarding your position at Ball State University. The information gathered in this questionnaire will be used to properly classify your position, develop an accurate position description, and will serve as a resource for various human resource functions, including personnel administration, supervision, and staffing development. Please complete the PAQ according to the following directions: 1. Consider your responses carefully – it is important to have accurate answers to all of the questions. This should be the best possible description of your position you can provide. 2. It is useful to review your old position description. However, your position description in HR-TMS (Talent Management System) should be revised to reflect what you are currently doing. If you have any questions, refer them to your immediate supervisor. 3. Your supervisor can update your position duties by initiating a Position Description Request in HR-TMS. 4. Complete your PAQ electronically and then have your supervisor attach it to the Position Documents section of the position description request in HR-TMS. 5. Your supervisor will review the PAQ in the position description request and then add comments regarding the PAQ answers. Your supervisor will then move the position description request to the next level of supervision.
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