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Position Paper Introduction Looking back over the past two hundred and seven years, every session of the United States Senate has been opened with a prayer. Doing so has reaffirmed the Senates faith that God is the Sovereign Lord of our Nation. Barry C. Black currently serves as the spiritual advisor and counselor for the United States Senate with the title of Chaplin. Over the years, this position has ranged from part time, to now a full time position (United States Senate, 2011). Ever since Engel v. Vitale, people have been upset that God has been kicked out of the classroom. Engle v. Vitale was a landmark Supreme Court case, in which it was ruled that the public school could not be started or concluded with a formal…show more content…
By allowing prayer in schools, you would give religious students the freedom to follow their religious beliefs during the school day. The United States was founded by those who believed in the freedom to practice religion openly. Those who are for prayer say that prayer would help instill moral values, something many say today’s youth is lacking. In addition to teaching our children academically, schools must also reinforce the values taught at home and in the community. It is a strong belief that by returning prayer to school, it would lead to increased tolerance, decrease bullying, and promote positive values. By allowing prayer, and the above listed actions, there should be a decrease in the negativity that is happening in our schools. Overall, it is believed that the schools will be a more positive place to be, and our youth will be more respectable citizens (All About History, 2011). Advocates against including prayer in school claim that those who are advocating for school prayer are just trying to impose their own religious beliefs on others (School Prayer in America, 2011). They often argue for the separation of Church and State (Boston, 2009). Along with having prayer removed from school, they have also be successful in having the Ten Commandments removed from the schools, and had any and all school parties renamed to remove any religious thought behind the party. For example, Christmas parties have become holiday or winter parties. Advocates

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