Position Paper: Purposes

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You will notice you have been assigned a typed , “Position Paper”. This paper serves two major purposes in the overall learning outcomes of this Freshman/Sophomore level college course. Firstly, it gives you an opportunity to research a bit more in depth about a specific historical situation that occurred in Ancient Western Civilization History. The Library Professionals have been alerted of this assignment and will be happy to assist you as you collect information on your side of the topic. Secondly, it will help you become more authoritative and decisive in writing a clear, single, point-of-view paper. This may be the most challenging part of the task - -
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The third is that of a writer: the ability to present evidence and argument in an understandable and compelling fashion.

It is my hope that these assignments will teach you these skills. Your grades will be determined by how well you apply these principles as well as your ability carefully to follow directions and complete the assignments on time. Please set aside the date of NOVEMBER 16, be sure you attend class on time (we will begin promptly). If you are late the door will be locked. Have 2 copies of the position paper on hand (one for your partner to read and one for me to grade). In this way you can participate and help not only yourself, but the entire class. If you are not present on the assigned day you will lose 50% of the point value, or if you do not bring in 2 properly typed format copies of your paper at the start of class you will lose points and must correct it. Also your fellow students will be harmed since they will need a copy of your paper to initiate discussion. Each additional day or fraction of a day the paper is turned in late, you will lose a grade. If this assignment is not completed by 4 academic days it was due you will get a zero on the assignment.


I have placed in the HGTC Conway branch Library Reserve a book called TAKING SIDES, Clashing Views on World
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