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Position Paper on Relevance of Information Technology Information technology has undoubtedly become an indispensable part of our day to day lives. Both the articles considered for analysis projects the role of IT, from being the back-bone of commerce to handling huge volumes of data, as being highly significant in the modern world. Even though both Nicholas Carr and Erik Brynjolfsson are in agreement to the omnipresence of IT, their perception of the future of IT differs vastly. I am in accordance with the school of thought put forth by Nicholas Carr which believes that the strategic value of IT has reduced. For all the inventions that had revolutionized the world there has been a point where these inventions become inevitable and hence…show more content…
Most of the companies invest in new technologies when the existing versions can very well serve the purpose. Hence emphasis should be given to effectively managing and maintaining the existing technology rather than unnecessarily investing on more technology. IT can be replicated very easily and is subject to rapid deflation making it a bad investment. It is always better to wait rather than rush to buy a new technology since a better version is always available before the newly purchased one is ready to use. Also it is very difficult to turn temporary technological advantages to enduring positioning ones. Hence more emphasis should be given in fixing the vulnerabilities rather than investing on a soon to be outdated technology. I agree with Carr that the companies in order to achieve a better return should manage risks and costs meticulously rather than resorting to seeking aggressive advantage. Also we have indeed spent much more than necessary on IT that the available technology is much advanced than what is required in the most cases. Brynjolfsson’s four paradigms for innovation, i.e., measurement, experimentation, sharing and replication, in my opinion, put forth a best practice that can be adopted to achieve innovation. This model can be replicated by companies to achieve a desired effect. It has in turn been discussed by Carr that a best practice can be
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