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I am writing to express my interest in the postdoctoral position for long-term impact evaluation project offered by CEGA. While the child health position would best suit my profile, I would be happy to be considered for both positions. Since the beginning of my professional career (2009) I have devoted most of my research time to Early child care research. I have published two articles on this topic – this year in the Journal of Human Resources (with D.Filmer, K.Macours and S.Naudeau) and in 2015 in the Economic of Education Review (alone) – and I am currently conducting as a Principal Investigator two other randomized controlled trials in Cambodia (with D.Filmer and J.Berkes) and in Egypt (with M.Frölich, R.Magally and B.Stingler).…show more content…
Altogether, I have been involved in 14 RCTs, 80% of them on education issues. This research experience did not only equip me with all the technical tools to conduct top-notch empirical research, it also provided me with hands-on experience of the challenges associated with conducting RCTs. This unique set of professional experiences will be particularly useful to identify the child health interventions that could be used for a long term follow up: I will be able to quickly understand whether a long-term follow-up is possible given the quality of the original data and the context in which the RCT has been conducted. Finally, since I started working in empirical research eight years ago, I have been in contact with most of the main actors and institutions working in the field of child health and child development. During my years at J-Pal, I worked at J-Pal Europe and J-Pal Africa, I then worked with the World Bank for my Cambodia ECD projects and I have contributed to set up a new research group in development at the University of Mannheim. In my current institution, I started working with IPA in Burkina Faso, with 3IE which financed one of my project and got in contact with CEGA during the summer 2017. Lately, I also got funded by the Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF) which has contributed to funding many RCTs about education in the last decade. Altogether, I would be able to mobilize this network to quickly identify all the

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