Positional Bias Is Rampant In All Types Of Businesses.

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Positional bias is rampant in all types of businesses. The termination of employees needs to be handled without bias. Out dated views is also a factor. One of the female employee said that she was once associated with a company that required women to wear dresses and pantyhose while the men there was no dress code. Women can be professional without dresses and hose just as men can be professional without a tie. Sexual harassment is the danger zone that you might encounter in gender discrimination. That’s why there is a reason why companies there is a reason why companies had implemented policies regarding sexual harassment. These challenges may affect the performance and the success of career of an employee. When employees experienced …show more content…

During 19th to 20th century, women are not allowed to do most things that man allowed to do for example man are allowed to work in a factory or socializing public places, such as clubs and bars and meeting in new friends, clubbing and even in voting men are only allowed to vote. However, women are expected to do the house chores such as cooking, laundering, washing cloth and rearing a child but unlike men, the spare time of women was not spent in socializing but doing things related to the maintenance of the family. And women in 19th century have no rights to vote and they are bounded by their husband. Also women recognize as weaker sex than the opposite sex.
1848 Women 's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls.
After of being slavery by men. Women calls for change and the first formal meeting organized toward gender inequality. Over 300 men and women were discuss about the current state of women to defend the rights of every women across the country and serious change . Meanwhile the other attendees were drafted the Declaration of Sentiments. This document content a current role of woman and inability to own property, their abolition to slavery by men and lack of political seizure among them.
Consequently here are the transformation of relationship between man and woman
There are three different kinds of processes at work which interact to first erode the basis for traditional gender relations and then make possible their transformation: first, in the second half of

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