Positional Power Vs. Personal Power

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Jose DeJesus
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Question: Is Positional power more effective in organizational vs personal power.
Looking at the topic of power I shall analyzed two theories between positional power and personal power. Collected compared the usage of both power theories and see which is more effective in an organizational. See how I can related my positional in my organization and to improve my personal power in my daily life working in my organization.
Positional power
One can say that Positional power is a tool that organization use to put people in their managed position to give them status or authority. As we look in depth and examined the positional power is all based on the structure of superior and
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Of course, the influence of a leader who relies only on personal power is limited, because followers may freely decide not to accept his or her boss.
• Sometimes individuals’ personal sense of power coincides with their control over resources, position of authority, or status in the eyes of others, and sometimes it does not (Anderson).
• The personal sense of power was also moderately consistent across relationships but showed considerable relationship specificity; for example, individuals’ personal sense of power, their friend tended to be distinct but moderately related to their personal sense of power, their parent (Anderson).
• individuals could be perceived to build their reputation and personal power based on demonstrated expertise, experience and success. (Landells, & Albrecht)

legitimate power
Now legitimate power appears to be derived by the position of a person in the organization means that the position, has the greater power. Example would be if the boss has the power to hire or fired somebody in the organization and make the decisions. Sometime manger with their positional power will use it to give reward to employees if they follow.

• Employing coercive power, an authority manages behavior with strict monitoring and heavy punishment whereas by using the legitimate power approach, an authority operates through legitimacy of its position, expertise, a policy to disseminate relevant information

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