Positionality: Research and Social World

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Before joining my Masters in Business administration, I have done few researches at my working places, not knowing that there are some many methods, approaches, etc. Thanks to Dr. Stephen Sommerville, for teaching me to do research in the professional way. Let my first research be the critical review of my own positionality i.e. who am I to me and in the others point of view? Does my positionality affect the research works I took or will take?

Sitting back and thinking about the research that I have done in the past, I can say that the positionality had some impact on my research.

In this paper let us see how ….

Literature Review:

First of all what does this word research means?
Let us quickly see
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This approach is diagonally opposite to the positivist approach.

According to Interpretivist, to understand the whole complexity of the world the simple fundamental laws that are used by positivist are not sufficient. They argue that the observing the intentional behaviour and actions of human beings is impossible.

Authors Boris Blumberg, Donald Cooper, Pamela Schindler say, Interpretivist argue that simple fundamental laws are insufficient to understand the whole complexity of social phenomena. More important, however they claim that an objective observation of the social world is impossible, as the social world has a meaning for human beings and is constructed by intentional behaviour and actions. Intentional interpretivism approaches meaning as intentional states of individual minds, to be understood by locating them within the broader network of an individual’s other intentional states and in a concrete context of social practices and interactions with others.

The basic principles of interpretivism are,

• The social world is constructed and is given meaning subjectively by people
• The researcher is part of what is observed
• Research is driven by interests.

The assumptions of the interpretivism are.
■ the social world is observed by seeing what meanings people give to it and interpreting these meanings from their viewpoint.
■ Social phenomena can only be understood by looking at the totality. [3]

So for a successful research
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